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[address line1=”242 Mahurangi East Road” line2=”Snells Beach, MD” line3=”New Zealand”/]

[mail id1=”reservations@saltydoginn.co.nz”/]

Proprietor: Debbie Patten debbie@saltydoginn.co.nz

Reservations/Reception: Kendall Shaye kendall@saltydoginn.co.nz

Accounts: Sharon Tarry sharon@saltydoginn.co.nz

Maintenance: Verne Patten verne@saltydoginn.co.nz

Head Chef: Joel Hodgson joel@saltydoginn.co.nz

Food/Beverage/Operations Manager: Moses Chong moses@saltydoginn.co.nz




Opening Hours

8am daily for Breakfast

11am Guinness Sports Bar till 1am Monday-Saturday

11am Guinness Sports Bar till 10pm Sunday

Restaurant Open 5pm Wednesday to Monday

Closed Tuesday unless Special Request


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The Salty Dog Inn